Dessert Tables

Concept dessert and sweets tables mirror the event and are a true multisensory experience. They will literally blow your guests away, and turn your event into an unforgettable dazzle of color and flavor.
I bring to the table: a custom-designed cake, cupcakes, branded cookies, cake pops, handmade meringues, a macaroon tower, branded gummy candy, chocolates in clear plastic boxes and more.
Everything on the table matches the event’s theme, design, look and feel.

Business events dessert and sweets tables are designed and decorated to go with a theme or with company branding, whereby the sweets are decorated with the logo.
Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah dessert and sweets tables coincide with a hobby, a favorite color, or theme, while wedding’s dessert and sweets tables correspond with the event’s character and design.
Tell me about your upcoming exciting event and I will provide the best, most beautiful and delicious dessert and sweets tables you have ever seen and tasted.

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