Custom made cakes in Israel
Welcome to Designer Cakes By Mariana

Custom made cakes in Israel

Welcome to Mariana’s designer cakes. We specialize in high-end,   custom-designed, kosher cakes in Israel for special occasions, and deliver countrywide.

I breathe life into my customers’ fantasies I don’t just custom-design, bake, and decorate cakes for weddings, special occasions, events and simchas. Beautiful, heavenly delicious and kosher, my cakes are the event’s centerpiece and the center of attention.

The first thing I do when I meet with my customers is seek answers to questions such as: what fills them with joy? What takes their breath away? What is their dream?

Attentive and meticulous about every little detail I make it a point my cakes are no less than spectacular and awesome, both in looks as well as in taste.

Since each cake is carefully planned, designed, baked, and decorated for a specific  customer, event, and simcha, it is actually a one of a kind masterpiece.

I design cakes for weddings, wedding anniversaries, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, cakes for business events, and for any simcha or occasion you have in mind. Also, I offer custom-designed desert and sweets tables.

My specialty is personalized fantasy cakes. I take an idea and transform it into a 3D work of art made of the finest kosher ingredients. My creations not only look fantastic they taste fabulous too.

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