Birthday parties

Sweet, glittering, creative, and unforgettable birthday parties.

Fondant figure modeling workshop

A two-hour, creative activity during which the children us  all their senses: they knead, roll, model, paint, and then take home a sweet creation they made. 

Workshop choices

* Figure modelling to choice - modeling a figure (fairy, cartoon character, etc.) sitting on a cupcake.

* Modelling a few items belonging to the same theme on a little tray: makeup items, flowers, or a few characters from the same movie, book, etc.

* A 3D figure made of half an individual-sized cake shaped as a dog, turtle, elephant, sheep, dinosaur, and so forth.

* Cake design workshops - each participant gets an individual-sized round cake and designs it to choice (this workshop is limited to 10 participants).

Zumba-licious Party - fondant figure modelling combined with a Zumba dance party

The party begins with fun creations - kneading, rolling, modelling,
and painting a sweet delightful figure that each child takes home. Once we had
enough working, music takes over and our fantastic Zumba dance party begins.

Participants and costs

Fondant figure modelling workshops accommodate between 20-25
participants and cost 70-100 ILS per person, depending on the workshop chosen.
Minimum order is 1,000 ILS (50 ILS for every additional participant).

Zumba-licious party inclusive - 300 ILS for 30 minutes of instructed Zumba dance.       

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