I’m Mariana Ardetz. I design concept personalized cakes and dessert and sweets tables for weddings and for other special events, occasions, and celebrations. Using the finest ingredients, I take an idea and turn it into a stunning spectacle that tastes divine.


Actually, I’m an architect and an urban planner with ten years’ experience. No doubt, my studies and work experience are a great contribution when it comes to designing tiered cakes. Planning, designing sketching, construction, and even some of the tools I use come from architecture and are part of the process. When building a tiered cake engineering talent and skill are indeed required.


I was inspired by my grandmother. As a child I used to help her in the kitchen while she shared her baking secrets with me.  Later in life I attended many pastry art courses, classes, and workshops in Israel and abroad.

My cakes are famous for being glorious in looks and taste alike. Since I’ve always had a soft spot for painting and sculpturing theses disciplines are also expressed in my cake designs and decorations.


I studied cake technique and design from world-renowned cake designers in the USA. I acquired knowhow, knowledge, and skill which I brought back with me to Israel. I’m a member of the Israeli chapter of the International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES), the world’s largest society for cake decoration and sugar artistry. The local chapter’s goal is to be Israel’s professional association for cake designers. Over the past two years I participated in the competitions they had organized. The first one’s theme was ‘The Carnival’ and my cake ‘Carnivals around the World’ won the audience favorite award. This year’s theme was toys, my cake ‘Dolls and Building Blocks‘, won 3rd prize.     


First and foremost a cake has to be delicious, and therefore I use only the finest ingredients. Depending on the cake’s size, height, and decoration it takes approximately 3 days to prepare. The first day is dedicated to baking and to other preparations such as modeling the figures and flowers that then need to dry. On the second day I prepare the fillings, fill, and cover the cake that is then placed in the refrigerator to settle overnight. Meanwhile, I proceed with the modeling. On the third day I put the cake together. This final stage can take all day and sometimes all night long. Decorating a wedding cake with sugar flowers can take even longer since every leaf and petal is carefully handmade, dried, and dusted. Only when all parts of each flower are ready I assemble them. Creating a cascade of flowers for a wedding cake can take up to a whole month depending on its size and complexity. I therefore recommend you order your cake well in advance.

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I hold Parve kosher certification and deliver countrywide.

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